Vivacity Beauty


6043 Dempster St, Morton Grove-IL-60053

Call 847-983-8874 or For your convenience you can text us at (224)650-1509 even after closing hours. 

Things to Know about

      after waxing

Come in!

 Facial (reg$45-$70)

​​ Brazilian Wax

FREE Eyebrows ​With any Facial.

*Don't use any scented cream or  lotion for 1-2 days.

*coconut oil or baby oil is good to  get the redness down(mild).

*use cold towel to wipe(cold water  closes to pores).

*Avoid going to Gym or doing Yoga     right after waxing(sweat can cause   irritation 

  Using any kind of scented product can cause irritation.



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