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New Year New YOU!

Brazilian will be $30 starting March 1st. But you can buy it in advance for $25 till Feb 28th and use it for the future. And if you 

pay cash for it get it done for

$25 every 3rd time. 


Monthly Specials

*Don't use any scented cream or  lotion for 1-2 days.

*coconut oil or baby oil helps get the redness down.

*use cold towel to wipe(cold water  closes the pores).

*Avoid going to Gym or doing Yoga     right after waxing(sweat can cause   irritation 

*Using any kind of scented product     can cause irritation.

Appointment Required!


Things to Know about

      after waxing

​Things to know about

         Double Dip


​​ Brazilian Wax

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Vivacity Beauty

Get a Punch card for any body waxing you get when you pay cash  and get $5 off 

every 3rd time.(min wax of $30 )


Double Dip means using the same wax stick again and again.

 * At vivacity we are trying to spread the awareness about why you shouldn't get a wax with using the same sticks.

* By Using the same stick we are contaminating the whole wax with unknown bacteria, also some people are sensitive and they bleed out a little while getting the wax done(sometimes hair is strong and it brings the tip of blood while the hair comes all the way from the root), which is completely normal.

* Using that wax can cause irritation to the skin after wax or ingrown or even worse. 

* We recommend that always pay attention while getting a wax done.


Come in!

Get rid of shaving every other day

and start waxing for smooth skin 

and longer lasting result.